About Us

Revaluation Bangladesh aims to strategically improve the reach of its members in the global market. By providing a board and select global network designed specially to assist our member, either individual or organization in growing further while enriching their lifestyle, global connections and associations. Whereas most concierge companies act as personal assistants, Revaluation act on a broad scale as a business and lifestyle management company, sourcing the best service providers from around the world and facilitating  the fulfillment of our membership business and lifestyle requirements through our global network and yes even get a personal assistant for a member if needed.

More than just a lifestyle brand, Revaluation as a global business and lifestyle network, providing management services is a valuable and essential asset which allows our members to leverage our powerful global connections across multiple of their lives, accessing a wealth of services for business, lifestyle travel and concierge.


The Revaluation Bangladesh Ltd is committed to create a strong bonding between Bangladeshi companies who work with the national tourism and Bangladeshi companies specializing in world-class national and International products and services.

Revaluation Bangladesh Ltd cares for diverse needs of its customers through an array of packages at a competitive price by using appropriate methods and providing timely service so that a sustainable growth, reasonable return and contribution to the development of the country can be ensured with a motivated and professional work-force.


To promote the national tourism and the quality national products and service of Bangladesh to the whole world in order to attract unparalleled amount of foreign revenues and to also make sure that the economy of the country improves with the help of tourism and service.

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